Who Are We?

SnyderHealth.com is an authorized distributor of Better Health Lab's product line and maintain's the largest web site regarding Dr. Robert O. Young and his program for alkalizing and energizing the body.

AlkalineBooster.net, which is a division of SnyderHealth.com, is a family owned and operated business.  Our goal is to inform the planet about the damaging effects of the overacidity of the body.  Our belief, supported by a popular consensus among the nutrition industry, is that the overacidification of the body is the main cause of all disease and sickness.  Our main site, SnyderHealth.com, is a testament to the huge success that our own family has had using the pH Miracle Program, created by Dr, Robert Young, and the products we sell on all of our sites.

AlkaZone's Alkaline Booster by Better Health Lab is one of the products we use in our quest to alkalize our bodies.  Although it is only a piece of our nutritional puzzle, we know that using this product to alkalize our drinking water has been one of the major players in our success. After all, alkaline water is the BEST water you can drink - and what better way to find alkaline water than to be able to make it wherever you may travel.

About Better Health Lab

Better Health Lab, Inc is the world leader in Alkaline Mineral Products and Water Ionization Technology.

Founded in 1994, as Siloam Enterprise, Better Health Lab, Inc is the leading Alkaline Mineral Product manufacturer in the United States (Offices and warehouse located in New Jersey). Our product brand name is AlkaZone®. Better Health Lab manufactures and markets products throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. We strive to deliver the highest quality products in the industry.

Since 1994 and to this day, we at BHL are constantly researching and testing the affects of alkaline mineral water. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products in the industry. With that in mind, Better Health Lab has concentrated on two main products, AlkaZone® Anti-Oxidant Water Ionizer and AlkaZone® Alkaline Mineral Booster Drops. We used the best equipment and the best products to ensure the quality of our product.

We also pride ourselves with our customer service and with our tech support. BHL customer service is capable of answering any questions you might have, (not just taking orders). They are continuously studying the affects of Alkaline Mineral Water and also have the technical knowledge to help you with your most complicated questions. Also in case of a technical difficultly with your Ionizer, we have staff on board that will help you through any situation. If for any reason you believe that your machine is faulty or needs a repair, all services are done in the main lab in New Jersey. There is no sending your machine to a far off land for a service. All services are fast and immediate. All orders are shipped the same day order is placed. We take the opinion of our customers seriously and that is how our customer service is able to be the best at servicing you.

Their Mission
Better Health Lab will provide consumers and the medical community with safe, and high quality water ionization products that promote better health by eliminating dangerous and harmful acid wastes from our tap water.

Our campaign for 2003 is to help our #1 health problem in the U.S, Obesity. Alkaline Mineral Water is capable of ridding acid wastes from our bodies. Acid Waste slows down our body metabolism and makes it harder for us to digest our foods. Since, Alkaline Mineral Water helps promote better digestion, along with exercise and proper eating habits, people are capable of losing weight.

Better Health Lab will provide our customers with the service they desire. Only the Best!

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